Alessandra De Rossi wails: ‘Stop taking Filipinos for granted’

Published April 13, 2021, 3:29 PM

by Neil Ramos

It looks like actress Alessandra De Rossi is already exasperated with the government’s ongoing efforts against COVID-19.

Or the lack thereof.

She has been taking to social media to air her complaints.

Apparently, she feels like nobody in government really cares.

Of course, with it comes incessant bashing, particularly from people loyal to those in power.

Some accuse her of simply making noise to make herself relevant.

But that didn’t stop Alessandra.

She’s taking all comers.

Her latest tweet read: “STOP TAKING FILIPINOS FOR GRANTED! Yes, resilient tayo, and very understanding, pero may hangganan ang lahat. Ang dami naming kayang ibigay. May mga pangarap din at pamilya. Don’t take our lives for granted! Tulong. We need support. Not sports. Ay natweet.”

Why sports?

Well, in the past few days, government spin doctors have been releasing various photos of the president purportedly engaging in physical activities including riding a motorcycle and playing golf, if only to prove he is well.