2 Miss Universe candidates test positive for COVID-19

Published April 13, 2021, 9:00 PM

by Robert Requintina

Two candidates of the 69th Miss Universe beauty pageant were tested COVID-19 positive as the girls prepare to fly to Florida in the US for the prestigious competition.

The beauty queens tested positive for the virus were Miss Universe Argentina Alina Luz Akselrad and Miss Universe India Adline Castelino. Both candidates revealed their health condition on Instagram April 12.

Miss Argentina said despite taking the necessary precautions, she was still tested positive for COVID. Her complete post:

“My parents are at risk, my sister is a medical staff and because of the love we have for each other, we take great care of ourselves!

“Despite continuing to visit my social projects, celebrating the presentation of my book was always carried out with protocol measures. For me and out of respect for my loved ones.

“Unfortunately, despite taking care of us, it can happen to us and it happened to us! Although we are very sad, it is not the time to look for guilty .. Although inevitably the head goes to the past to see where and when it may have been.

Miss Universe Argentina Alina Luz Akselrad

“Last week I went with my mother to the supermarket and in the line at the checkout, behind us there was a man who coughed, his mask was wrong, with his nose out. My mom asked him if she could please respect the distance and put on the mask and he got offended and started saying a lot of offensive words to her. Since that day we isolate ourselves as a precaution, and after a few days we start with the symptoms.

“My dear Argentines, I only ask God to take care of me and allow me to get out of this, and with more force than ever .. I know that everything happens for something.  Let’s work as a team, it is the only way that we will be able to win this game against the coronavirus! The universe awaits us! Today I need you more than ever.”

Miss India said: “We need to be a symbol of strength in challenging times. Will get through this. Take care everyone. Wear your masks and follow government protocols.”

Her full post:

“Hi everyone!

“Recently I developed mild COVID like symptoms and unfortunately tested positive for the same.

Miss Universe India Adline Castelino

“I have quarantined myself, and I am taking the necessary precautions to get better. If you have come in contact with me in the past week, I urge you all to please get yourself tested.

“I will fight my way through this, until then I request you all to wear your masks and follow government protocols.

“Stay safe!”

So far, three candidates were tested positive for the virus.

Miss Malaysia Universe Francisca Luhong James (Images courtesy of Miss Universe)

In January, Miss Universe Malaysia Francisca Luhong James was also tested positive for COVID-19 and recovered.

“When I received the result, I guessed that it was my fault. But I did everything. I wore masks, sanitized and washed my hands, but it still happened,” the beauty queen said on IG.

She added: “I was advised to self-quarantine at home because I was asymptomatic. Everything was fine. No fever, slight back pain and a bit of flu but other than that all good.”

“It wasn’t a good way to start the year, but I am good today. It’s my last day of quarantine. Thank you for all the positive messages, warm support and prayers,” Miss Malaysia wrote.

More than 70 candidates are expected to compete at the 69th Miss Universe beauty pageant on May 16 (May 17 in Manila).