Blacklist International breaks the code in PH PUBG Mobile Club Open

Published April 12, 2021, 6:32 PM

by Jeremiah Sevilla

Photo from Blacklist International

Staging a furious comeback in the final stretch, Blacklist International posted 102 points to seize the championship in the Philippine PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO)-Spring Split 2021 Grand Finals on Sunday night, April 11. 

Bannered by captain ALAS, KLer, Tyra and Aeonz, Blacklist went to work in the closing day to rise from No. 8 to the top of the 16-team tournament. 

After ending up at a dismal 15th without a single kill in Map 6 at Miramar, ALAS and the crew emphatically bounced back by claiming a chicken dinner and hitting 17 kills in Map 7 still at Miramar. 

Blacklist finished second with eight kills in Map 5 at Sanhok and second as well with six kills in the closing Map 8 at Erangel. 

With the victory, Blacklist qualified for the PMCO Spring Split Southeast Asia Wildcard where three spots in the PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Finals are at stake. 

It was actually a slow start for Blacklist in the tournament opener last Saturday as it placed 13th without a kill and 14th with a lone kill in the first two maps (Sanhok and Erangel). 

The Tier One Entertainment-backed team managed to find its groove in Map 3, taking the chicken dinner to go with 11 kills before settling for seventh with three kills in Map 4 at Miramar. 

Joining Blacklist in the PMCO SEA Wildcard are the 2nd to 8th place finishers in Sabrina (82 points), Sab Fuegos (82), Beta Sentinel (81), Demigod Incognito (70), Akuma Kitsume (67), Guidotti Mikasa (66) and DGG Pro Team (66). 

Photo from PUBG Mobile Philippines Facebook page