Leila Alcasid reveals battle with eating disorder

Ogie Alcasid's singer daughter Leila Alcasid has come out to admit she once hated the way she looks, particularly her body.

In fact, it led to her suffering from eating disorder and for the longest time.

Thankfully, she has gotten over the hurdle.

She shared in a recent Instagram post: "I am very slowly learning how to be kind to myself and my body, and it’s the most wonderful feeling."

She then added, "Over the last few years I’ve received lots of messages asking about my weight loss and how I managed it, and I never really knew how to answer. I have a long and frustrating history with an eating disorder, and was never quite able to look at my body with kindness and love. Always trying intense diets and depriving myself rather than providing the nourishment I really needed. I could never give a proper answer as to how I lost weight, because I didn’t want anyone else to be so cruel to themselves. My weight has fluctuated greatly over the last 5 years and it has ultimately ruled my life..."

Leila admitted pressure from others contributed to her insecurity.

"People would comment on it both in life and on social media, and I was constantly told I wasn’t thin enough, even when I was eating so little. I allowed the opinions of others to have such a grip on me, and it was incredibly damaging," she said.

Eventually, she learned to love and accept her imperfections. 

"Now, I am at a place where I can say I love my body regardless of the bumps, curves, and stretch marks. I move to feel strong, and eat to feel nourished. I still struggle, like anyone else, but I’m working on it and I’m proud of myself. To anyone who looks at Instagram photos and can’t help but compare, don’t feel down. Remember that you are strong and beautiful. Life is too short."