Here comes the bribe

Published April 9, 2021, 6:00 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

The artwork for the interesting debut single by singer-songwriter Jam Quijano who recorded under the supervision of Widescope Entertainment, a company that started operation as a music and entertainment label last year amid the pandemic.

Every once in a while, a new song comes out deserving of recognition regardless of who sings it. This is what “Bribe My Heart” brings to the table, with its lush arrangement and emotive tenor singing carrying the track. It has the making of a hit in this age of song streaming and lyric video viewing. 

The song will be dropped in digital stores this Friday, April 9. It is written and sung by an artist named Jam Quijano.

The plaintive opening offers a strong imagery that well introduces the mood of the track, especially with the words “I saw the colors fade from her face.”

“The song is based on my observation of people interacting with each other. It is about letting someone down as carefully as possible. It is a last act of kindness,” shared Jam.

Insiders think that the song serves as a good introduction for Jam, having all the elements that represent him as a singing songwriter.

By the time the track’s first chorus ends, it’s likely you’re already hooked. The words are honest poetry, passionately sung: “So go now it’s high time/ Draw the blinds and say goodbye/ I know now I can’t bribe my heart/ To fake something real and feel what I used to feel.”

When one looks at the people behind the recording, one won’t be surprised why it caresses with a strong punch. Hitmaker Ebe Dancel sat as record producer while the mixing and mastering were handled by the remarkable Dante Tanedo at Wild Grass Studios, QC.

Asked about his influences, Jam noted, “Genre-wise, I think folk music really resonates with me. But that doesn’t stop me from listening to jazz, hip-hop, etc. As luck would have it, Ebe Dancel has been a great influence on me as a musician so getting to work with him is awesome. Other artists like John Mayer, Jason Isbell, Don Mclean, and Paul McCartney have all influenced me with their music.”

Released under Widescope Entertainment, the record was supervised by seasoned label executive Neil Gregorio, with back-up musicians including famed session bass player Rommel Dela Cruz, guitarist John Apura, drummer Paolo Manuel, pianist Jesper Mercado, violinist Chino David, and cellist Ted Amper.

Widescope, a company established in 2004, started its operation as a music and entertainment label last August, with Bosss Nova Queen Sitti leading its roster of acts, established and new.  

Those who knew more about Jam have praised his ability to seamlessly meld his lyricism and melody-making to his tenor vocals as he writes songs about life, tragedy, and everything in between.”      

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