Markus Paterson not satisfied with apology of netizen who bashed his son

Published April 8, 2021, 6:39 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Janella Salvador, Markus Paterson and son Jude

A netizen has apologized after he allegedly bashed Jude Paterson, son of actors Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson.

But Markus is still not satisfied with it.

On Instagram, Markus wrote: “The sad thing is, these people will cry about it claiming they’re sorry. If you weren’t caught would you have been sorry?”

“Hindi lang yun. 5 months old na bata. 5 MONTHS OLD. Seriously what is wrong with you people? You think I’ll have mercy? For what you’re all saying about my son? Tigilan nyo na anak ko,” he added. 

Earlier, Janella took to Twitter and slammed a basher who allegedly made fun of their son’s face.

Then, Markus also reacted and exposed the names of those naysayers.
“Let’s be honest. I’m no stranger to bashing. But come for my son and I will come for you. People like this make me sick, wala pang isang taon anak ko and ya’ll making fun of a NEWBORN. Not gonna erase the names, proud nyo eh,” Markus said.

“For the people in this post, I have no words other than I hope you someday find the happiness you need to fulfil that hole in your hearts. Maybe one day I can check on you all since I have your names.”

Later, a Facebook user, who seemingly started the thread, has uploaded an apology letter. It read: “Last March 30, I shared the Facebook post of Erich Gonzales about Janella and Markus’ son, Jude, I know personally that it’s demeaning to attack a 5 month old baby, and that bullying should not be tolerated regardless of a person’s age, orientation, etc.

“I’ve learned from this mistake and I will be a better person and be more mindful of what I say or do, and carefully consider what is right and other people’s sentiments as well may it be on social media or not. I realized that I have hurt a lot of people’s feelings, especially the parents of Jude. I am sincerely sorry for the hate that I’ve said, and hopefully this will reach the people I hope to apologize to.”

Janella ended the night on a “positive note” with the picture of their son, Jude. “You are loved, my boo! Remember that!”