WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: The search is on for Mister WTFu!

Published April 7, 2021, 6:39 AM

by Mr. Fu

What I admire about the production team of our on line show WTFu, is that they never run out of ideas. (matataba ang utak!) We are on our third year and they don’t stop introducing new shows for our viewers. (o baka matindi lang talaga ang pangangailangan!) Aside from our usual sit down interviews with interesting men (minsan may mga babae and bading din!), we have also produced numerous reality shows. (feeling major tv network kami ha!) Just recently, we launched a male pagent reality program titled Mister WTFu! (ang mananalo magiging mister ko raw!)

“WTFu is not just comedy. It’s a channel that celebrates the beauty of men. I think a classic male pageant will be a great addition to the ever growing library of shows on

WTFu.” WTFu Head of Production Lex Bonife says. (kaya wag magtagka if makaapagpatayo kami ng library!)

The WTFu team promises a fun and exciting on-line male pageant. “There are several on-line pageants and most of them, the contestants simply deliver their own content. But on WTFu, we produce the content ourselves. We travelled outside Metro Manila to shoot the videos.” (kaya ang sarap ng feeling pag hinohost ko ang bawat episode! May kilig factor!)

But we cannot deny the fact that producing shows nowadays needs more patience and lots of creativity. “Shooting is a great challenge in this time of pandemic. So, many protocols are observed for the safety of everyone. It is more expensive. Every person has his own room. Personnel is limited. Judging is strictly on-line. But we were able to get it done.” (kulang nalang magdala ng bato ni Ding. At sumigaw ng Darna! Para magawa ang lahat!)

The show is looking for a candidate who can capture the hearts of our viewers. (at heart ko na rin!)

“Pleasing, liberal and open-minded.. these are the qualities that work best for the loyal audience of WTFu.” Lex says. (at mamahalin ako. chos!)

Mister WTFu 2021 is currently airing on WTFu’s on-line platforms like youtube, facebook and patreon. (kahit saan ka tumingin, meron!)

“Mister WTFu is something that will be appreciated by a wider audience by virtue of its commercial format. And many Filipinos are very much into pageants. I think Mister WTFu will be a constant yearly show and competition for WTFu.” Lex explains. (ramdam ko magiging international pageant din ito! )

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