Miss South Africa is safe from COVID-19 but how about Miss Philippines?

Published April 7, 2021, 8:20 PM

by Robert Requintina

Newly crowned Miss Eco International Gizzelle Uys is flanked by Miss Philippines Kelley Day (right), 1st runner-up; and Miss USA Alexandria Kelly, 2nd runner-up.

It seems that newly crowned Miss Eco International Gizzelle Uys is safe from COVID-19 as she returns to South Africa following her successful stint in the beauty pageant held in Egypt over the weekend.

On Instagram, Gizzelle declared that she is safe.

“Good day everyone. Firstly, thank you for your patience, I am still in the process of going through every mention, comment and post since I want to give everyone the love, appreciation and attention they deserve.

“Secondly, I want to mention although I am still traveling, I am safe. Myself and my family has been taken care of the last couple of weeks by the Miss Eco International organization and we will get back home to South Africa soon! Thank you for all concerns,” Gizzelle added.

While Gizzelle has responded to rumors that several girls were COVID-19 positive, Miss Philippines Kelley Day has remained silent about the issue.

A statement from Miss World Philippines stated that Kelley underwent medical testing procedures for COVID in Egypt.

Kelley Day

MWP National Director Arnold Vegafria has said that MWP remains optimistic as they await for the results of the routinary medical testing procedures.

Miss Eco International Organization has said in a statement that it will ensure the safety of all the candidates.