‘Pumping exercise’ for curfew violators untrue — General Trias police

Published April 6, 2021, 11:20 AM

by Dhel Nazario

There were no traces of physical injury on curfew violator Darren Manaog Peñaredondo who went viral after he reportedly died due to excessive exercise imposed on him and other violators, according to Lt. Col. Marlon Solero, General Trias Cavite Police Chief.

Photo from Adrian Luceña’s Facebook account/ MANILA BULLETIN

Peñaredondo’s story went viral on social media after he was allegedly forced to do strenuous exercise as punishment for violating quarantine protocols. Adrian Luceña, a cousin of the victim, wrote on Facebook that his “kuya” went out of the house to buy water on April 1.

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“Sabi nya po pinagpumping sila ng 100 times, kailangan sabay sabay kaya nakailang ulit sila. Sabi niya, nasa 300 daw nagawa nila.Ito po ay nangyari sa Munisipyo ng Malabon, General Trias, Cavite (He said they were told to do 100 pumps all together and this was repeated multiple times until they reached 300 and this all happened in the Municipal Hall of Malabon in General Trias Cavite),” the post read.

Malabon is the former name of General Trias while the “pumping” exercises mentioned are related to squats.

“Umuwi po siya ng Friday ng 8:00 ng umaga. Hindi na sya makalakad ng maayos.Tapos, Sabado ng madaling araw nagkumbulsiyon siya, na-revive pa namin siya sa bahay. Sinumpong ulit siya, na-revive ulit kaya lang comatose na siya hanggang 10:00 p.m. wala na (He went home on Friday at 8 a.m. and he could not walk properly. Early Saturday morning, he was having convulsions and we revived him at home. He eventually slipped into a coma until he died at 10 p.m.),” Luceña said in his post.

Solero denied that there was such an incident. He admitted that they did receive the victim but no excessive exercise took place. Rather, they were only given a lecture by his men.

“Dito naman sa amin, we never impose physical punishment or exercise sa mga violators but instead they are given lectures about their violations,” he said in a telephone call with the Manila Bulletin.

“Wala pong katotohanan yan. Kung may katotohanan man po iyon, sana binanggit na nila kung sino, ano yung pinagagawa (It’s not true, if it were, they should have said what they were asked to do and who told them to),” he said.

In a post on Monday, Luceña said this cousin would not be severely weakened from picking up trash as a form of community service.

A copy of Penaredondo’s death certificate was provided by the family to the police. Solero said that the cause of death indicated was “cerebrovascular infarct midbrain” or as explained to them by doctors was due to a stroke.