Derek Ramsay on controversies around Ellen Adarna’s engagement ring: ‘Ang cheap naman nun’

Published April 6, 2021, 3:48 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Nope, Ellen Adarna’s engagement ring is neither an ex-deal nor something that has been passed on among Derek Ramsay’s exes.

This is what Derek reiterated in an interview with G3 San Diego.

He noted the reason why he tagged the local jewelry store on his posts about it, was just to simply show his appreciation.

In fact, Derek described the ring as “perfect” and it’s how he imagined it. 

“I tagged the people who did the ring because I’m appreciative. There’s no ex-deal here. Nothing of the sort. My God ang cheap naman nu’n,” he said.

“This is me getting married. This is me proposing. Hindi ko nga tinanggap ‘yung 7.8 carat diamond from my mom ‘di ba?” he added.

Note that according to Derek, his mom actually offered to give him a 7.8 carat, which the hunk actor declined. He believes the seven-carat diamond is just way too big for an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Derek was even fishing Ellen for her “peg” style. But he thought because the sexy actress has “really nice hands,” a pear-shaped diamond would look “perfect” on her hand. 

“I tagged them because they really did a good job and they got it here in the short span of time that I asked them and I was appreciative of that. Imagine my feeling when I got it on the day. I wasn’t even sure it came out the way I wanted it and when I saw it, it was really beautiful. I wanted the stone to speak for itself,” he reiterated.

“So sa mga bashers na sinabing pinagpasahan ko ‘to eh di dapat nasa news ako na engaged na before di ba? First-time ko narinig na ex-deal. That’s funny pero yun nga, they said that this ring has been passed on to all my exes and that’s just so low. Because the stress I had with the ring everyone saw it.”