Ivana Alawi on her alleged violation of the anti-mendicancy law: ‘Lalaban ako’

Published April 5, 2021, 3:48 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Ivana Alawi recently revealed some people are saying she might be sued due to a recent prank, which allegedly violated Presidential Decree 1563 or the Anti-Mendicancy Law of 1978, signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

She is not backing down.

“Kung may nalabag akong batas eh ‘di kasuhan na lang nila ako, haharapin ko ‘yun. Lalaban ako, ‘di ba? Kasi para sa akin I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. 

She maintained her intention was simply to help and inspire other people.

“Wala akong tinapakan na tao, wala akong nasaktan na tao and masaya ako sa video ko and I would do it again,” she declared.

“Ngayon kung may nalabag akong batas, eh de kasuhan na lang ako.”

Recall that a few weeks ago, Ivana disguised herself as a beggar hoping to catch the attention of a few good souls.

Though many commended her for highlighting problems relating to mendicancy, there were also some people who accused the sexy vlogger of engaging in poverty porn.


“Hayaan na lang sila. Na realize ko sa buhay no matter what you do, kung may gagawin kang maganda, kung may gagawin kang hindi maganda, laging may masasabi sila,” Ivana said, pointing out she’s not out to please everyone.

On a lighter note, Ivana talked about the reunion she had with the rice cake vendor she helped following the prank.

She shared that after talking with him over lunch, she tried to help out in her own small way. 

The video showed her helping the man buy groceries, home appliances and gadgets.

She also gave him a motorcycle.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/3dLVeYppxxA