How to summon this traveling Japanese food truck serving freshly made ramen right at your doorstep

Published April 4, 2021, 6:38 PM

by Rey Ilagan

As we enter into an extended community quarantine, there’s no question on how essential securing our food would be given the stricter regulations on mobility. For ramen lovers out there, the folks over at Harakiri’s Kamikaze Truck, a traveling food joint serving freshly made Japanese dishes right at your doorstep, has just made this process much simpler.

Driven by their passion to serve quality and affordable Japanese cuisine, J and Jed, Harakiri’s resident chefs, have fed customers from Taft, Manila to as far as Bicol. “Jed is our 20-year-old resident ramen curator, a sprout from Benilde’s culinary scene,” the shop mentions in a social media post. “He and J thought of driving their ramen shop around the metro when the pandemic hit, braving through the scares of the virus to cater deliveries near and far.”

Harakiri’s Kamikaze Truck’s Chef J and Jed (Photo from Instagram)

Harakiri’s menu consists mostly of two ramen dishes: tonkotsu, the classic noodle soup with a deeply flavored and rich meat broth; and tantanmen, a ramen loved for its sweet and spicy broth. Recently, the shop has added gyoza to the menu.

To book your next Japanese culinary adventure with Harakiri, all you need to do is pre-order a minimum of three bowls, which only costs P999. If you’re all set, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Fill out their online form:

2. Wait for your confirmation from the shop.

3. Harakiri’s Kamikaze Truck will be at your preferred destination in no time. Enjoy!


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