AUDIO JUNKIE: Rap shakers and movers

Check out the current shakers and movers that power Pinoy rap forward.

NEXXFRIDAY (Emmanuel Salen) is the future of Pinoy rap.

As a sought-after music producer, NEXXFRIDAY is supplying the tunes and beats to hot new acts.

And NEXXFRIDAY likes working with fresh music artists, hence the new single “Consider It Done” in which he works with rap artist LON Daniel.

Released under WAYBETTR, a new Viva label which he is co-founder, the track also features his regular collaborator BJ Castillano a.k.a. BECAUSE.

Haunting sonar-sounding synths and midtempo trap beats combine to create a moody atmosphere for “Consider It Done.”

BECAUSE and LON Daniel take turns to command the verses, rhyming about their lifestyle and some old-school brags.

Both LON and BECAUSE acknowledge that NEXX is the shiznit: ‘Friday sa beat na ni-rap-an /nasaan ang smoke para masilaban /anong kailangan  consider it done / pinasok ang game nakapa ang daan / kaya wag mong isipin we do it for fun / maging number one consider it done.”

Clien, Crakky, Russell and Jom of ALLMO$T have gone a long way from their “Dalaga” hit and have since released a stream of singles that may not be blowing up viral, but are racking up streaming numbers nonetheless.

The quartet is using all the iterations they can find within their foursome.

Example, their latest single titled “SNS” – a bouncy, poppy mid-tempo banger – only features the pairing of rapper Russell and hook-singer Clien.

Jom and Crakky likewise did the same with the R&B inflected ballad “Sasamahan Kita (Araw-araw ng Puso) pt.2.”

But of course, it’s all ALLMO$T music. And rap acts should take notice as this method not only works to keep ALLMO$T relevant and gaining them the listens. But we also imagine it keeps things fresh within the group.

Karencitta returns with “GOR!LLAZ.”

Here, the Cebuana rapper brings her brand of bangin’ Bisaya rap, this time telling tales about her hometown of Lorega in Cebu.

With moody synths and thumping bass drum kicks, Karencitta paints her old stomping grounds as rough with folks she lovingly calls “GOR!LLAZ.”

Fierce, loyal and tough, much like Karencitta.

Rap and R&B is the order of the day on Ezro’s new single titled “Hanggang Dito Na Lang.”

The “D.G.S.” rapper is in his usual clean lines and rhymes. But in tow are the sweet-sounding R&B trio called Alpuerto Sisters.

Nowi, Wennel and Ren are the young singing sibs that make up this San Rafael, Bulacan-based R&B vocal group. And they supply the melodic hooks to Ezro’s catchy tune.  

Rap scene vet Flict G ditches the beats and synths and opts for a more organic sound (read: acoustic) on “Ikaw.” Flict G (with Bei on hooks) keeps it simple, relying on nifty rhymes to propel this stripped down ballad forward as he “serves a sweet ode” about love of course. But it’s Flict G’s rhymes that keep this one from getting stale. Sample, ‘ikaw ang alpha and omega ng sarili kong mundo / ang Aphrodite ng sarili kong mitolohiya.’

Rap group Henyong Makata’s “Di Na Pwede” is a funky mid-tempo number that grooves with crisp basslines to go with the group’s smooth rhymes. It’s all about “finding your self-worth in a toxic relationship” and “knowing when enough is enough.”

Solo rap act Kunnn’s keeps it basic for “Umiibig Na Di Pinipilit.” Simple and tuneful. A rhythmic guitar motif is all that Kunnn needs to get his point across on this R&B inflected number. This 25-year old rapper-singer Kunnn’s message is equally simple: “true love doesn’t expect anything in return. (Do) not love by force but free on (y)our own will.” Word.