‘Still an eligible bachelor’: Mayor Vico denies post-pandemic wedding plans

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto refuted on Tuesday night (March 30) the pubmats circulating on social media, quoting him that he would tie the knot with a social worker after the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Responding to a tweet by netizen @tinjazz_, he said the quote on the pubmat she tagged the mayor was not from him.

“Pa-fact check please, @factcheckPH_AE @VicoSotto. Sure ka bang ayaw mo ng neurologist (Please fact check, @factcheckPH_AE @VicoSotto. Are you sure you don’t want a neurologist?)” she asked, accompanied by the said pubmat.

The pubmat falsely quoting the young mayor read: “Girls, mag-aasawa na ako after this pandemic. Gusto ko sana Social Worker baka may kakilala kayo ipaalam agad sakin (Girls, I will get married after this pandemic. I want a social worker, if you know someone, inform me immediately).”

“Fake quote,” Sotto said in response to the query.


Some netizens expressed dismay as some of them said that they were willing to change careers just to meet the supposed standards of the 31-year-old mayor.

As of writing, Sotto’s answer has garnered 10,400 likes on Twitter.

The mayor’s response, apparently, made so many netizens elated to learn that he would still remain an eligible bachelor.