No need to go out: Pillila seniors can ask LGU to buy medicines and basic necessities for them

The stricter quarantine measures resulted in the inability of the senior citizens from going out to buy their medicines and other essential needs from the drugstores.

(Photo via Nel Andrade)

That is why In Pililla, Rizal, the municipal government has offered free errand service for the town’s seniors particularly in buying medicines and their other essential needs such as milk and diapers.

The so-called ‘Serbisyong Better Med’, a free special service offered by the local government which aims to help the senior citizens in looking for their medicines and other needs that are not available anywhere in Pililla and are only found in big drug stores outside the town.

Under the program, senior residents as well as those who are not Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APORs) can request the designated staff of the municipal government to buy their essentials at a specific drug store in Tanay by just giving the payment, senior citizen identification card, and the prescription.

Each barangay has an assigned personnel who will run the errand of buying the senior’s essentials using the local government’s vehicle.

In lockdown areas, residents of Pililla have to resort to hiring special trips for tricycles just to buy their essential needs to Tanay where large drug stores and supermarkets are located.