For this events company, a pares cart is a way to keep its staff employed during the pandemic

Published March 30, 2021, 4:50 PM

by John Legaspi

Hot season or not, there’s always a special place in Filipinos’ hearts (and tummies) for pares and mami

Among the many casualties of the pandemic is the live events and public relation industries. And after a year in community quarantine, things haven’t changed yet for the said industries, pushing some companies to let go some of their employees to keep their business afloat.

But for marketing and events company owners Thons Edano and RJ Arzadon, leaving their staff unemployed during the pandemic is not an option to take. Just like the new breed of Filipino entrepreneurs that were born during our COVID times, the two dabbled on a food business starting with the beloved Filipino street foods pares and mami.

“When the pandemic started we had to take a step back and downsize the number of employees,” says Thons. “As we were brainstorming on how we can still give employment to our staff whom we had to let go, we were thinking of a business that not only can provide employment but is also something we will enjoy and is pandemic proof.”

From that, Pares On The Go came to the scene. Established three months ago, Thons, RJ, and their team whipped up their best pares and mami recipes, which they sell through their humble food cart located at 102 Timog Ave. cor. Scout Ybardolaza in Quezon City.

“It’s a business we see a lot of potential, especially with the Filipinos’ love for eating, even better if it’s within a budget,” RJ says.

Of course doing business during the pandemic brings a lot of new challenges. Apart from following health and safety protocols, the business owners also ensured to perfect their delivery packaging and service to gain more patrons.

But the secret to their new venture is their unique take on mami and pares. “Most Filipinos are accustomed with the sweet restaurant pares or the usual mami type kanto pares,” says Thons. “Honestly, I cannot say for sure ours are the best tasting, but in the process of making our recipe, we concocted a distinct taste that we ourselves are craving for. A taste that is a mixture of Filipino favorites such as lugaw, mami, and pares all in one.” 

Their bowls, as RJ would describe, are not sweet in taste. To complement them, they included siopao and siomai in their menu. The pares and mami come in different sizes and prices start at P30. 

“Pares and mami became our go-to comfort food because of the memories it gives us when we eat it,” Thons says. “Be it with an officemate during lunch breaks or after school with kids, with the soups, we share great memories and repeat them over and over. I guess because of that, pares and mami will stay and be our favorite for a very long time.”

Have your pares and mami deliver to your place by ordering through its Facebook page.