Claire dela Fuente’s son says mom was diagnosed COVID-19 positive prior to her death

Published March 30, 2021, 4:15 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Gregorio “Gigo” De Guzman, the son of OPM icon Claire dela Fuente, who passed away March 30, revealed in a recent social media post his mom was diagnosed COVID-19 positive only last week.

Gigo maintained however, she died not because of the virus but “from cardiac arrest as … cause[ed by] stress and anxiety.”

He latter admitted they were “disappointed” and “slightly furious” that the news was immediately leaked to the media without their consent. 

According to him, Claire died around 7 a.m.

Gigo and Claire (Robert Requintina)

He added his mother was also suffering from hypertension and diabetes. 

The chef also admitted to currently undergoing quarantine measures after being diagnosed COVID-19 positive.

He reminded everyone to be vigilant with the disease. 

“COVID is real! Please, please comply by the rule,” he reiterated.  “Kasi dito ang nangyari is I think one of our helpers was briefly exposed nu’ng may binibili siya outside and nahawa niya mom ko at ako. So it is a scary silent enemy. COVID. So please take care of yourself and be safe.”

Gigo shared what pains him is that even though he tested positive he wasn’t able to stay with his mom. 

“Kasi mag-isa lang siya du’n sa tent sa labas ng hospital. Ayaw niyang sabihin sa akin na ganu’n pala ‘yung kondisyon niya.”

He regretted that he wasn’t able to talk to his mom last night.

“Sana man lang kinausap niya ako kagabi when I was trying to call pero ayaw niya kasi ayaw daw niyang magsalita.”

He vividly recall the last night Claire spent at their home. 

“She asked me to sleep with her kasi natatakot siya and I did. And a part of me knew or felt na why as if she was saying goodbye. So I should have known the signs kasi ‘yun din ‘yung ginawa ng dad ko sa akin eh. The last night he spent here in this house that they built for us, he slept here in my room, katabi ko,” he shared.

“I guess they were just giving me one last moment with them para lang i-remind ako na mahal nila ako. I really wish that it wasn’t her time yet, I wish she could see us cross that finish line and alam niya na ‘Ma, ‘wag ka ng mag-alala. Tapos na ‘to.’ I really want to give her that. But unfortunately, God has other plans for her. So we just have to accept it.”

Gregorio admitted he doesn’t know how to process things. But he extended his gratitude to those who sent him messages, love, and support. 

He then announced that they will try to arrange a virtual wake for those who want to pay their respect.

Meanwhile, he also shared his message for Claire:

“Ma, it’s okay. Pahinga ka na. Thank you for everything. kahit na hindi perfect ‘yung relationship natin you showed me how much you love me. And I really love you so much. I know I never got to tell you that a lot, but I do. I want you to know na kaya ko ‘to and ‘di mo kailangan mag-alala. Ma, rest na. I’m gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay. Enjoy ka na with Papa upstairs, kami ng bahala dito.”

Gigo is Claire’s son with husband Moises “Boy” de Guzman, who passed away in 2006 due to cancer.

The couple have another son, Gracielo.