GMT signs partnership with Metropolitan Medical Center to offer innovative and personalized healthcare services

Published March 29, 2021, 9:32 AM

by Enzo Luna

Global Medical Technologies (GMT) Manila, a subsidiary of Romlas Health Group and a growing technologically advanced personalized healthcare distribution company in the Philippines, finalized their partnership with Metropolitan Medical Center through a contract signing held last Feb. 12, 2021.

Representatives from GMT Manila and Metropolitan Medical Center came together last Feb. 12 for the contract signing regarding their partnership. The partnership aims to offer more diagnostic tests and medical products for the public. (From left) April Francisco, GMT trade marketing manager; Harmon Herman, GMT medical presales manager; Chill Orbegoso, GMT key accounts head; Dr. Sheryll Pua, MMC head of corporate planning and business dev; Rebecca Uy- Tanganco, MMC procurement manager, head supply chain division); and Jean Azucena, MMC marketing head.

Through the partnership, Metropolitan Medical Center will be able to offer a wide array of innovative and personalized diagnostic tests and medical services covering the following health concerns: nutrition, gut health, allergy, cancer, mental health, and genetics. Metropolitan Medical Center’s clients would be able to avail of local and advanced testing, especially now that one must be more careful with their health during a global pandemic. 

Some of the tests included in the line-up are the Food Intolerance Test, which finds out the food causes behind symptoms like headaches, bloating, nausea; FABER, which finds out which substances the patient is allergic to with just one blood sample; the Organic Acids Test, which finds out if conditions like fatigue and autoimmune disorders are due to metabolic processes; and Genomind, which finds out the best treatment for the patient’s mental and emotional disorder based on their genes.

Other tests are targeted towards cancer such as Cellmax Life, which finds out a person’s hereditary cancer risk and Onconomics, which finds out the best personalized treatment for a cancer patient. Most of these tests just take a simple blood or urine test to find out comprehensive results. 

For Dr. Chester Tan, Hospital Administrator of Metropolitan Medical Center, the diagnostic tests of GMT Manila are of great support to their Wellness Center. “Moving forward, I see these diagnostics tests as the future in the medical practice in the treatment of our clients with different medical conditions,” he said.  “They focus more on preventing diseases and having good health to begin with, instead of cure.”

Contact Metropolitan Medical Center at +6382541111 for more information. Metropolitan Medical Center is located at 1357 G. Masangkay St., Sta. Cruz, Manila.