A digital crisis, and safety, amid the pandemic

Published March 28, 2021, 8:17 PM

by Art Samaniego

Like following the minimum health safety protocols to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, you also need to maintain proper cybersecurity measures on your devices to not only protect yourself but also your friends and family. Just like the Coronavirus where anyone not properly protected could get it, a computer, laptop, desktop, tablet, or any other devices connected to the internet once compromised could also infect other devices making everyone vulnerable.

The other pandemic is real. You need to secure your devices not only to make you safe but also the people around you.

If you have the COVID-19 and you don’t isolate or follow the basic safety standards, the people who are physically closest to you would be in danger of getting the virus. If you don’t follow basic social media hygiene, once your account is compromised, it would not only affect you but also everyone on your contact list. Hackers would check the people who you always communicate with and trick them into believing that it’s you who’s asking for help scamming them into giving money or information.

If you easily believe those who are saying that the COVID-19 is just government propaganda, chances are you would not take health safety warnings seriously thus making you vulnerable to the disease. Same in the digital world.  If you just click the links sent to you via email without verifying the sender or the content, it is more likely that you would become a victim of identity theft and other scams.

Your mobile device, your social media presence, and your email are just three of the most commonly exploited gateways by malicious individuals to get information about you and eventually use that information against you.

Cybersecurity breaches and data privacy leaks have become the other pandemic, putting us all in harm’s way. Surprising us of debts we did not incur and eCommerce charges we did not know about.  After more than a year of lockdowns and quarantines, one thing has remained consistent in the digital world — the threats and dangers of bad actors, trying to get a piece of our private data.

Protecting yourself and your family from online threats may appear overwhelming, that’s why we are preparing a special issue on print and on digital of the Manila Bulletin Technews to make things easier for you. We will share some simple and easy-to-follow steps you can take to improve your security and safety while working and learning from home.

It’s not yet too late to start protecting ourselves and our families from online dangers.  Let’s all learn how to do it the right way.

Others, as you can see in this special Digital Generation supplement on how to survive the web amid in the age of viruses, are already on it.

Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, has released a study that cited the big shift to digital payment and online shopping in Filipino consumers behavior. Visa study says that about 93% of Filipinos have increased their shopping activities in websites and mobile apps. Out of the 70% consumer population who shop online, 43% are now shopping on social media channels for the first time.

Know more about this and other statistics included in the latest Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes study inside this issue.

Epson printers are now very vital in work- and study-from-home setups.

Epson has set its focus on saving time, space and energy as Filipinos strive to live the “new normal” in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Also redefining an equipped workplace amid the “new normal” is Cosmic Technologies Inc. (CTI) the company behind the highly innovative Cherry Mobile.

Among other measures, CTI also strictly implements proper social distancing and wearing of face masks at all times,as well as faceshields. Conferences and general assemblies are conducted via Zoom.

Talk about adapting, there is also realme Philippines.

Tagged as the #LimitlessGamingMonster, the narzo 30, the newest realme offering, helps staying at home more bearable for the youth, some could end up discovering their hidden talents in gaming.

Despite the economic downtrend due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine’s smartphone market grew by 19% quarter on quarter and 6% year on year (YoY) – and OPPO sales have buoyed it to a market share of 17.9%.

OPPO’s improved performance where it ranked third in unit sales in Q3 2020 gets another boost with the OPPO and Marvel partnership through a commemorative smartphone Reno5 Marvel Edition.

Major gas stations in the country drive up exciting rewards when you pay with PayMaya, and boosting the campaign for safer cashless transactions.

Seagate, on the other hand, lists down five ways to a safer, better connected live-from-home environment.

Powered by the PayMaya One Device, customers can now scan-to-pay via PayMaya QR or tap, dip, or swipe any credit, debit, or prepaid card for a safer, more convenient, and more rewarding fuel-up experience.

Create epic experiences at home with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G and Galaxy Buds Pro.

Globe myBusiness marks the International Women’s Month by empowering Filipina-led MSMEs, and help them play big roles now in e-commerce.

Business and the private sector, meanwhile, eagerly await for the vaccine.