Limitless opportunities to succeed and to help others

Published March 26, 2021, 10:30 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Not too many professions provide limitless opportunities to succeed and the privilege to help other people at the same time. Such lines of work take on even greater significance during this public health and economic crisis when lives and livelihoods are at risk.

For Richmond Sy Baguno, being a financial advisor provides the prospects for professional and financial growth, and the source of pride to help fellow Filipinos attain financial security.

“One of the perks of being a financial advisor is that you get to work at your own pace, you get to decide how and when it will be done. But what I love most in this career is that you get limitless opportunities.You will fail in some, but as long as you continue to endure and struggle, you will also succeed,” said Richmond, Insular Life or InLife’s financial advisor from Baguio District Sales Office IV. “Having the means to work while helping your clients secure their future is definitely one of the greatest fulfillments that one can get as a financial advisor,” he added.

For championing InLife’s mission to lead Filipinos to A Lifetime For Good, Richmond Baguno was recognized as InLife’s Top Underwriter for 2020.

Richmond recalled that as a Computer Engineer, getting involved in the insurance industry was far from his mind. But his aunt Divine Sy, InLife Baguio’s district sales manager, encouraged him to at least give the profession a try.

“Little by little, I began to understand the role and significance of a financial advisor, and the opportunities in the profession as I dove deep into becoming an InLife financial advisor,” he said.

Richmond noted that he guides his clients as they construct the financial plan for themselves and for their families. “First you have to know your clients: their goals in life, capabilities, and struggles. By knowing these, you can understand what your clients really need,” he said.

For Richmond and his aunt Divine Sy, InLife Baguio’s district sales manager, the awards serve as an inspiration to spread the benefits of life insurance to more Filipinos. 

Richmond explained that an insurance plan moves from being mere documents to lifelines during unforeseen events.

He shared the story of a client whose son was rushed to the hospital due to an unexplained illness. “My client didn’t have enough funds for the hospital expenses. He was worried. He sought my assistance and because he met the qualifications, he was able to withdraw some funds from his InLife policy. I was able to help him solve his problem,” Richmond said.

For amplifying InLife’s mission to spread the benefits of life insurance to Filipinos, Richmond was recently recognized as InLife’s Top Underwriter for 2020. He received the same recognition in 2019.

“Last year was a milestone year for InLife as we celebrated our 110th anniversary. As Filipinos dealt with the impact of the crisis, we highlighted our commitment to help Filipinos attain financial security,” Richmond said.

“The awards further inspire me to work harder in the coming years, and to help more Filipinos lead A Lifetime For Good,” he added.

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