Prebiotic skincare line for your T and Y zones

Published March 25, 2021, 9:17 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

We can be stubborn, and we will most likely choose what’s comfortable and easy versus what’s really good for us. Take for example the daily routine of wearing pantyliners.

It has been proven, time and time again, that wearing these can cause redness, irritation, and even itching on our sensitive area between our legs. According to, scented pantyliners might have chemicals that can cause worse irritation.

This led Two Lips founder Cynthia Chua to come up with a product that can take care of this neglected part of our body—and it’s safe enough to be used for our face, our entire body, and even our most sensitive body part. Two Lips is the very first luxury self-care range of products that are sulphate, paraben, and petrochemical-free.

Fresh off the production line this month, Two Lips simultaneously launched their five-product prebiotic range that are microbiome-friendly. Now, microbiome technology has been doing the beauty rounds. We all have microbiomes, but the goal is to have a good balance of it. This skincare range aims to keep skin at its healthiest state, have a stable immune system, and boost natural defence skin barrier.

In the Philippines, Erika Kristensen kicked off the intimate event by showing us how wonderful this new line is. “What I love about this though is that you don’t have to constantly switch between products anymore because these five products are all good for your face, your whole body, and, yes, even your intimate area! You get a bang for your buck PLUS you don’t have to confuse your skin anymore through the different products you try (which is bad for your skin, by the way),” she shared in her Instagram post after the event.  

This initial range has five products that you may opt to use on a daily basis, or even on the weekends for some, depending on the need. Start off with Rinse that cleanses the skin that’s gentle and hardworking with its ingredients such as plant-based probiotics, Frankincense Olibanum, and lactic acid. It has PH-balanced properties that’s great even for your intimate area.

For sticky and sweaty days (especially this summer), Scrubbs is a superfood gel exfoliator that has biodegradable Konjac Jelly beads and fine non-GMO olive stone powder. These two, when combined with Saccharide Isomerate, can take away the dirt and leave your skin moisturised.

Lock in moisture with their lightweight moisturizer called Juice. It’s a body balm that has sugarcane-derived squalene and plant-derived Trehalose that delivers prolonged hydrating effects. For those nights that you feel dry dehydrated down to your skin, their Sleepover overnight mask will help provide 72 hours of moisturization. It’s olive leaf extracts can nourish and repair.

Last, but not the least, every beauty girl knows how important it is to wear sunscreen which is why Two Lips released a water-based pore-refining, thanks to niacinamide, sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++.

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