WATCH: Scarlet Snow Belo performs ‘Mga Kababayan’ by Francis M. in her latest viral video

Published March 23, 2021, 11:13 AM

by Noel Pabalate

In Scarlet Snow Belo’s latest video upload on Instagram, one can watch her perform the Filipino iconic song “Mga Kababayan” by the late Original Pinoy Music (OPM) master rapper Francis Magalona which promotes Filipino positive attitude and aspirations.       

Wearing traditional Igorot ensemble, Scarlet danced gracefully to the beat of the ’90s hit song that garnered awards for Best Rap and Dance recording. She also sang the chorus part of the patriotic song which reminds us Filipinos to be proud of our roots and to believe that we can achieve our dreams.

With song’s timeless message, the young celebrity asked unregistered voters to register before September 30, 2021, so that they can vote for the upcoming election next year. She also informed netizens that her father Hayden Kho will register this week.

“Our future depends on the leaders you will choose for us,” wrote Scarlet, who currently has 4.7 million followers on Instagram.

Without a doubt, Scarlet’s post promotes patriotism that every child should learn. It is imperative for parents to teach kids its importance so that at a very young age they would know how to make positive contributions to the nation. 

Patriotism would lead children to be responsible Filipino citizens, showing respect and pride in our nation.