Bayer’s mechanization package can help rice farmers hike yield

Published March 21, 2021, 5:00 AM

by Madelaine B. Miraflor

To over 8 MT per hectare

A mechanized farming system, designed by Bayer Crop Science (BSC), has helped rice farmers in Paniqui, Tarlac yield over 8 metric tons (MT) in one hectare amid reduced labor, a statement showed.

Grain-filled harvest from Arize 8433 hybrid rice seed in Brgy Sampot, Paniqui, Tarlac.

“The eight tons yield in Paniqui could not have been achieved under usual farmers’ practice. For some farmers, if there is around 20 percent weed occurrence in the farm that is considered acceptable to them. For us and our ‘Bayer Much More Rice’ recommended package of technology, we aim to maximize yield output and this includes effective weed control” said Danny Tongol of BCS’s Bayer Learning Center.

At present, the national yield per hectare average is only 4.07 metric tons (MT), based on Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data. The Department of Agriculture (DA) is targeting to increase this to the national average rice yield of 6 MT.

The increase in yield in Tarlac, according to BSC, is primarily attributed to the use of hybrid rice, such as Arize 8433 DT, which is resistant to Bacterial leaf blight and Brown plant hopper.
But, planting rice through “direct seeding” with the use of drone technology also helped a lot.

“Through the use of drone, no space has been wasted as the machine systematizes spread of the seeds/seedlings,” BSC said.

Mechanized harvesting of ARize 8433 hybrid rice seeds.

Given yield potential of the mechanized rice farm, gross earnings may reach around P150,000 per hectare in one season, at P19 per kilo.

Deducting about P50,000 production cost per hectare, net profit could reach a whopping P100,000 per hectare per season.

Cost already includes P3,500 for direct seeding service using drone and P850 per hectare for mechanized crop protection spraying.

Both mechanized activities are supported by Bayer through the service provider