DLSU students urged to protect privacy of classmates, professors during online classes

Published March 20, 2021, 10:41 AM

by Gabriela Baron

Students from the De La Salle University (DLSU) are urged to protect the privacy and dignity of fellow students, professors, and employees during online classes.


In a joint statement released Friday, March 19, University Student Government (USG) and the Association of Faculty and Educators of DLSU Inc. (AFED) reminded the Lasallian community that class recordings “are not for public consumption and entertainment.”

“Materials produced for online classes are for educational purposes only,” the statement furthered.

“With this, we advise the student body to refrain from sharing any content that may further harm the reputation and dignity of our fellow Lasallians. We strongly reaffirm the value of safe spaces in all mediums of interaction within the university and the whole community,” it added.

This after a video of a student playing Call of Duty (COD) in the middle of online class went viral online.

Tiktok user @ktcodm uploaded a recorded video of a professor teaching in class, disrupted by a student whose mic was not muted. The student can be heard talking to someone and playing COD.

The professor, obviously disgruntled, recorded parts of the video. He also tried talking to the student to no response. One of his students explained that the student could have muted the online class session.