Richard Poon’s comment on ‘WAP’ performance at Grammys receives mixed reaction

Published March 19, 2021, 1:01 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Filipino crooner Richard Poon is among those who didn’t appreciate Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of their hit “WAP” at the recently-concluded Grammy.

He wrote on Facebook, “Ah yes….the Grammys. The worldwide musician’s authority featuring the leaders of pop music. Expect many entertainment shows to follow and replicate this so-called ’empowering’ performance by Cardi B and Megan Stallion. This must be our music-industry standard I guess?”

Richard went on to add, “SORRY NALANG DAW SA BTS…”

Given that he aired his sentiments on social media, we were not surprised to see some fans ganging up on him.

An online user wrote, “No. But we don’t need men’s opinion about women. Also, why naman papansin ka jan teh? Chaka naman ng mga kanta mo…” 

Another added: “Yes confident women are the standard. Stay mad.”

Thankfully, there were others who saw the performance as it was — trashy and disturbing.

Said one fan, “Sir Richard Poon not to discredit these artists because everyone has their niche in the industry. But I just feel that Grammy can do better on at least filtering the songs/performance. Masyado nang extreme yung song let alone let them perform it. Really??? I mean…how low..kung ganyan na ang standard ng music ngayon I’d rather find low key, indie, non mainstream artists and support them instead. I don’t want to support these kind of songs, and I’m not sorry about that. I believe and respect lyrics and music so much to just settle on ‘WAP?’ Kaya ako when I can, I listen to 80’s-90’s music. or OPM. Songs are supposed to make u feel good, inspired, motivated. People should not be forced to listen and watch to this kind of songs, haayyyy sad.”

Meanwhile, other netizens didn’t like it that Richard also mentioned BTS in his post.

“Sir? WAP AND DYNAMITE weren’t even in the same nomination, why put BTS at the bottom? Why compare when it’s clearly not in the same genres?”

Said a netizen, “Please stop co-relating the group in almost anything and can men stop dragging ‘WAP’ for being too sexual when some of this so-called clean men can’t keep their zippers closed? Please it’s 2021 and Megan and Cardi are not even Asian so it’s pretty normal they are liberated.”

The same netizen also lectured Richard on his power to choose his entertainment.

“It’s your choice to watch it or not. I’m not even a fan but I respect Megan and Cardi as musicians. The same way I respect male singers writing explicit songs, (not that I’m listening to it, obviously I’m a BTS fan) but I believe music is an art, and a way to express someone’s feeling even tho its s*xual and h*rniness. Yep I can’t deny it’s degrading but at least I kept my cellphone off the whole time the girls performed.”