Manila Bulletin launches unique QR code

Published March 19, 2021, 11:22 AM

by Hanah Tabios

The Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp. recently launched a new QR code campaign which aims to expand its digital audience, including those using smartphones.


The campaign, part of MB’s “Informed, Inspired, Empowered” slogan, targets a specific audience to encourage the habit of checking out

The ads with the QR code have been placed in public spaces where there are high foot traffic and smartphone users among digital natives.

Unlike other custom-designed QR code, this highlights the Manila Bulletin brand with a Philippine map embedded in it. This is the first time that this was used to form part of a working QR code.

The design reflects the Manila Bulletin brand where the Philippine map is the centerpiece of the company’s logo masthead.

With the unique QR code, the Manila Bulletin expects high readership views as it expands to a greater online audience.

To be well informed, the reader is invited to simply scan the code found in transportation hubs, train stations, waiting sheds, elevated walkways, and other public spaces among others, to bring them to the website.