Designer Michael Cinco to dress Eurovision 2021 finalist Vincent Bueno

Published March 18, 2021, 5:21 PM

by John Legaspi

With Vincent’s music and Michael’s design, it is going to be one spectacular performance

Michael Cinco and Vincent Bueno

The 65th edition of Eurovision will have a different tone, well, at least for its Filipino fans as a kababayan will be competing at the prestigious contest. Filipino-Austrian singer Vincent Bueno has been chosen to represent Austria with his single dubbed “Amen.” To amplify the Pinoy spirit, he will be dressed by another international talent that is Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco. 

“I was approached by a friend on Instagram, Bertrand Randel, asking me if I’m interested in dressing up a contestant from Austria for Eurovision 2021 who happens to be Filipino by blood but born and raised in Austria,” Michael tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “He introduced me to Vincent Bueno and we started chatting about his outfit for the finals.”

Hollywood stars donning a Michael Cinco creation on stage or the red carpet is not new. But since it is both Vincent and Michael’s debut on the Eurovision stage, the fashion designer made sure that the pieces the singer will wear are great enough to leave the audience in awe. 

“It has to be stunning and make an immediate and powerful visual statement to the audience,” Michael muses. “I sent two jackets for him. One is a beaded long coat inspired by opulent ancient Persian kings who used to wear elaborate and exquisite wardrobes. The other one is a simple long gray coat from my new collection.”

Vincent in a M5 menswear couture coat

“It’s a dream come true for me that this is happening,” Vincent tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I know who he is, and I certainly know that he wouldn’t have known who I am [laughs]. I can’t believe it. So thank you, Bertrand!”

When asked what makes Vincent a perfect fit for Micheal Cinco style, the fashion designer says, “Aside from his beautiful voice, he is an international Filipino talent that we can all be proud of.”

Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and will consist of two semi-finals on May 18 and 20, 2021, and the finals on May 22, 2021.