Delgado-owned firm steps up crackdown vs illegal sale of LPG products

Published March 18, 2021, 5:00 AM

by Myrna M. Velasco

Through collaboration with law enforcement agencies, Delgado-owned firm Isla LPG Corporation has stepped up its crackdown versus illegally sold liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products, primarily those involving its Solane LPG brand.

In recent entrapment operations in Southern Luzon, the company indicated that there had been 48 illegal LPG tanks seized in Libon and Polangui, Albay – and these confiscated cylinders had been valued at P113,000.

Last February 5, Isla Petroleum stated that 44 illegally refilled 11-kilogram Solane LPG cylinders worth P110,000 had been confiscated in Libon, Albay from suspect Henry Vasquez Bien.

“Along with the tanks, authorities captured a marked P1,000 bill and a transaction receipt issued at a selling price of P860,” the LPG firm noted in its statement to the media.

Another buy-bust operation on that same day in Polangui, Albay led to the sequestration of another four Solane LPG tanks that were also unlawfully refilled.

The suspect in that entrapment was identified as Romy Buenaflor Resontoc, wherein he was also caught red handed receiving the P1,000 marked money used in the purchase of the LPG product for P870 per tank; and there were also additional pieces of evidence seized – for transactions valued at P3,840 that had been classified as irregular.

The firm said it is intensifying efforts against these illegal LPG trade practices, while also cautioning the public to take “extra precaution against fire this month and beyond.”

Hence, it advised loyal customers that they must only patronize Verified Solane products for their cooking fuel needs  — and these can be accessed or purchased only from authorized dealers and legitimate sellers and distributors.

The Delgado firm qualified that “each Verified Solane product is guaranteed safe and of high quality – passing the standards set by the Philippine National Standards (PNS) for LPG products.”

It added that “with Verified Solane, consumers are assured that every cylinder is free of leakage and is thoroughly inspected from production to distribution,” and that its LPG tanks also contain the exact amount of LPG – which could be around 13 to 15 kilograms. “That should be enough for more than 30 days, with numerous uses in the kitchen,” the LPG firm stressed.

Isla LPG emphasized that it is one with the government in doubling efforts “to cut the demand and supply of substandard LPGs through small- and large-scale bust operations.”

Nevertheless, it acknowledged that the fight against these illegal trade practices would still be long and tricky, given reports from the Department of Energy (DOE) stating that “there are 6.0 million dilapidated cylinders that must be removed from the market.”

In doing its share at eradicating these felonious business activities, Solane is similarly encouraging consumers “to actively be involved in wiping out counterfeit LPGs in the market to protect their lives and homes, and ultimately, others as well.”

The company expounded that “illegally sourced tanks could be defective and host the threat of gas leaks that may lead to massive fires and explosions.”