Auntie Julie goes to Belo

Check out the latest Vivace treatment for poreless, acne-free, and glowing skin

Skin is serious business.

After all, it is now a $532 billion industry, based on the latest report by retail analytics firm Edited. And it’s still growing fast and by leaps and bounds, driven by its increasing presence on social media and other tech-driven platforms, such as YouTube tutorials or even Instagram as well as direct-to-consumer approaches to selling beauty products and services and more shoppable content online.

Be that as it may, don’t take it too seriously, not your skin, not your life. It’s stressful to think of it that way and stress manifests so much on the skin, producing hormones like cortisol that tell your skin to make more oil, which leaves it more prone to bumps, breakouts, blockages in your pores, itching, and rashes. It also aggravates skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Worse, it meddles with your skin proteins, reducing its elasticity. That’s how wrinkles form, aside from you furrowing your brows repeatedly in worry or frustration or fretting.

It is in this spirit that the Belo Clinic introduces its state-of-the-art Vivace treatments, making it more approachable, less intimidating, and, well, more fun—in fact, even funny.

MICRONEEDLING Dr. Vicky Belo executes the Vivace treatment

Vivace is no joke. It’s a powerful microneedling system that uses next generation technology, up to 36 gold-tipped needles, along with a powerful motor and advanced software algorithm, to pierce the skin deep enough to spur growth and collagen production. Great for face lifting, wrinkle reduction, pore reduction, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation, it also addresses acne and scars. FDA-cleared, the minimally invasive treatment can be performed on all skin types with minimal discomfort, if at all, and barely any side effects and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  

It doesn’t mean we should take it seriously either, especially in a time like this when we all could use humor therapy or, at the very least, comic relief.

Enter Auntie Julie.

The other self of content creator and internet star Macoy Averilla, otherwise known as Macoy Dubs, this pearl-wearing colegiala tita persona, everyone’s favorite tita from Poveda, has taken social media by storm, the object of love and hate and amusement on TikTok, Twitter, and anywhere that trends. 

Well, I’m really excited to try the Vivace, because I want my skin to be more supple and I want to shrink the pores. —Aunt Julie

So now Auntie Julie goes to Belo to try out Vivace, with all her Povedan/Assumptionista hermanas in tow. “Very shalaloo,” as she would put it.

TECH VIVA Vivace addresses many skin concerns, including tone, texture, and tightness

Over the moon that she has found the time to visit, the Belo team says, “With her busy schedule including coffee dates at Mary Grace, Zoom chikkahan with her hermanas, being a full-time wife to Cesar, and the ‘best mom ever’ to her kids ‘Roberto’ and ‘Cassandra,’ Aunt Julie definitely needs time to pamper herself. And there is no better way to do this than to have a Belo Day with her Kumareng Doktora, Dr. Belo!”

But before her Belo Day at Belo Bonifacio High Street Fort, a Zoom consultation, a little chikkahan,and catch-up session first with Dr. Vicki Belo, to whom Aunt Julie shares that all she wants is to “improve her skin quality, get rid of acne scars, chubby cheeks, and double chin,” as well as to give her jawline more definition. Aside from Vivace, Dr. Belo recommends Glycolic Peel Cleaning and Botox Masseter.

“Well, I’m really excited to try the Vivace, because I want my skin to be more supple and I want to shrink the pores,” says Aunt Julie.

Vivace does all that and more. It also smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin color, and gives the complexion a healthy glow. “The nice thing about Vivace is it improves overall skin quality. This one stimulates healthy collagen and elastin production. You’ll see the effects over time,” says Dr. Belo, adding that Vivace has to be done before any fat-melting procedure, such as Thermage or Skin Genius. “It has to be a gradual process,” she explains, citing the two Vivace treatments she has available at the Belo Clinic—Vivace Rejuvenation and Vivace Acne.

Follow Auntie Julie’s transformation with Vivace and Dr. Belo on her new series “Go to Belo with Me” on Belo Medical Group’s YouTube page. Watch Auntie Julie and all her other hermanas at the clinic! The first episode is now up on @BeloBeauty YouTube account. Book a Vivace session of your own at And remember laughter keeps you young. That’s no joke. So have fun, just like Auntie Julie.