Janine Gutierrez’s secrets to taking care of sensitive skin

Published March 17, 2021, 5:28 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

How she’s able to ditch the 10 steps to three simple ones

With a lot of beauty brands in the market today, it is becoming harder and harder for people with sensitive skin to find the right products for them. And actress Janine Gutierrez is not exempted from this challenge. 

During the press launch of Bio-Science Philippines’ Bio-water vitamin B5 gel, where she was introduced as the brand ambassador, the beautiful actress shared with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle her struggles on having a sensitive skin. 

“It’s hard,” she says. “I’ve tried so many other products in the past, and sometimes nauso pa nga yung 10 steps skincare (10 steps skincare had become a thing). And then the next day, I’ll wake up with rashes or redness, and then I don’t know any more how to pinpoint which of these products give me that.” 

With the hope to end this cycle, she discovered the Bio-Science brand. Since she started using the said brand, she’s been able to cut the 10 steps into three. And here’s her daily skincare routine: 

KEEP IT SIMPLE Janine Gutierrez believes that Filipinas should should Asian products for these not only fit our skin type but also the weather
  1. Facial wash

Janine says that for someone with sensitive skin, her routine is very simple. She starts her day by washing her face using Bio-Science foamy cleanser.
“Side story lang (Just a side story),” she shares. “Yung mga shoots namin ngayon lock-in di ba? Then one time, naiwan ko yung foamy cleanser ko, super nagka-pimples ako (Shootings nowadays are lock-in. One time, I forgot my foamy cleanser and that’s when I had pimple breakout). I thought it was because of pagod or puyat (I thought it was just because of lack of sleep or fatigue) but I realized it’s because I wasn’t using the cleanser.”

2. Serum and toner in one

After washing her face, the actress says she’s using the 24K gold water from the same brand. Just like everyone else, Janine says that pandemic also pushed her to make some budget adjustments, even in her beauty routine. That’s why she’s happy to find a multipurpose product.
Talagang nagbawas na ako ng products (I actually cut the number of products I’m putting on my face),” she says. “It’s a toner and serum in one.” Lastly, 

3. Sunblock

“After that sunblock na,” she says. The “Dito at Doon” actress also added that she even let go of moisturizer or she’s only using it if she feels that her skin is getting dry. 

Aside from keeping her skin younger looking, Janine still believes that true beauty is beyond skin deep. “I think true beauty is confidence and conviction,” she says. “I think a woman’s beauty really radiates from within, and when you have that confidence and glow from within, then it really shows and touches and everything else you do, whether it be in your work, or in your relationships, in your passion. I think it’s really learning to love yourself first and having that confidence.”