Here’s how TikTok’s new features make you think twice about sharing and posting

Published March 17, 2021, 5:21 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Sharing content is so fast and easy that people tend to forget the responsibilities that come with it. TikTok video sharing app realizes the importance of being mindful when it comes to this, so much so that they partnered with Agency France-Presse (AFP) fact checkers in creating a gauge on assessing content accuracy.

Here are some of their existing efforts:
1. If fact checks confirm content to be false, they are removed the video from the platform.
2. For inconclusive findings, videos may be ineligible for recommendation in the “For You” feed. This limits the spread of potential misleading content.

TikTok has added more features this month with these steps:
1. Viewers will see a banner on each video if content has been reviewed and cannot be conclusively validated. The owner of the video will also be informed of the validity of their content.

2. Before a viewer shares a flagged video, a prompt will appear as a reminder that the video has been flagged. This second layer will help users think twice regarding sharing or not.

These features really help put parents’ mind at ease, but the most important of going online is to train our children to be mindful and responsible in everything they do.