Celebrate the beauty of women and feminism with these chic graphic tees

Published March 17, 2021, 5:15 PM

by John Legaspi

Wear your feminist spirit on your sleeves

In August 1970, women in New York marched for the Women’s Strike for Peace and Equality, yelling their chants and raising banners for change. It was the beginning of a new era of feminist movement, one that Time Magazine described as, “the largest women’s rights rally since the suffrage protests.”

Decades later, society may have changed some of its views with regards to women, but the fight for gender equality still continues. While we cannot just go out and protest these days with our current state, wearing our feminist causes is a chic way to express our solidarity.

This Women’s Month, fashion brand Forever 21 puts the beauty that comes from women and feminism in a series of statement shirts. The collection features pieces designed to raise awareness of women empowerment with inspiring messages and great style.

From magazine cover art and linear illustration to artsy aesthetics and that “feminist af” statement, every shirt caters to the many kinds of modern women. They can wear their limited edition graphic tee tucked in with a tulle midi skirt and metallic stilettos for a dainty ensemble, or give it a sporty look by adding a pair of track pants and sneakers. 

The collection aims to remind women that nothing feels better than being comfortable in their own skin, whatever their style is. Treat yourself or a fellow girlfriend with Forever 21 limited edition graphic tee and be reminded of the beauty of being a woman.