On Fourth Sunday of Lent, faithful urged ‘to strengthen relationship with God’

Published March 13, 2021, 9:57 AM

by Christina Hermoso

As the Catholic faithful observe the Fourth Sunday of Lent tomorrow, March 14, a Catholic Church leader called on Filipino Catholics “to deepen” their faith and “to strengthen” their relationship with God.

“Lent is a reminder for everyone to deepen his faith and to strengthen his relationship with God. Lent is a time to renew one’s faith and nurture his spiritual life,” said Lipa Archbishop Emeritus Ramon Arguelles over Radio Veritas.

Archbishop Arguelles said a life without God may be considered as “a life that is exhausting and meaningless.”

“Lent reminds us to keep close to God, to believe in God. Let us believe in God’s love for us. If we keep God out of our lives, we will have a meaningless existence,” the prelate stressed.

Arguelles called on the faithful to show his love for his Creator and for others through charity work, self-denial, and by living out the teachings of the Church.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church, by tradition, celebrates the Fourth Sunday of Lent as a Sunday of joy and rejoicing.

Also known as Laetare Sunday, from the first words of the Introit in holy masses, “Laetare Jerusalem!” (Rejoice, O Jerusalem!), the day highlights the nearness of the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday.

With the theme “Hope and Rejoicing,” church hymns traditionally speak of joy, hope, and consolation. “Lent is half over and Easter is near. The shift to a joyous mood is meant to encourage the faithful to persevere fervently to the end of this holy season as well as to focus on the hope and rejoicing that the Resurrection of Christ is near,” Church officials said.

The Church encourages the faithful to observe the safety health protocols when going to church and to refrain from wiping, touching, and kissing the images inside the church.