Gerald Anderson bashed for birthday greeting to girlfriend Julia Barretto

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto

It seems like the online world still couldn't comprehend that Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto are already a couple, as many netizens continue to scrutinize the sweethearts in their every move.

In fact, Gerald's birthday greeting to Julia didn't even sit well with some online users.

Note that Gerald uploaded a photo of Julia on the beach with the caption: "Happy birthday (heart emoji) #youareablessing."

Others related how "short" and "simple" Gerald's greeting was compared to Julia's birthday message to him a few days ago.

"Walang kagana gana ang post ah," a netizen wrote.

"Every new girl is a blessing. utot nimo gerald!," another added.

But there are also some who defended Gerald.

"Short and simple but we know Ge. And thank you for appreciating your BLESSING."