Heart Evangelista denies being an ‘entitled person’

Published March 9, 2021, 12:03 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista defended herself from a flight attendant who has simply misunderstood her lifestyle and personality.

This occured on Twitter, after a netizen tweeted: “I’m not a big fan of Heart, and I just saw the comment on TikTok from a cabin crew and was surprised because I like Heart.”

Heart noticed this and retweeted “Wait? Where and When? I need to know ’cause I don’t –“

She went on to tweet more of her statements.

“I mean I’m not an angel, so far from being perfect but I’d rather they say she’s so maarte! Let’s state the obvious ’cause I can’t deny that.”

“I never had a bad experience on the plane — Well, except that one time I asked if they can help me with my luggage ’cause I had a miscarriage and I wasn’t allowed to carry anything heavy. But the guy gave me a look, so I ended up doing it myself.”

“One thing for sure, I would never be ‘feelingera.'”

Heart ended the discussion jokingly, “Mis– understood 2021 goes to… charaught!” and teased her bashers, “Bashers, one day, magiging okay din tayo. One night of karaoke lang ‘yan at friends na tayo.”