Tagaytay property assures safety of guests

Published March 8, 2021, 3:05 AM

by Mae Lorraine R. Lorenzo

Hotels, especially in tourist areas such as Tagaytay, are getting ready for summer. But they are getting ready differently from past summers as they are now doing it safely, adhering to the new normal way of making sure first that their guests are not only having an enjoyable time, but also are in an environment that’s clean and virus-free.

Among the hotels in Tagaytay I’ve been to recently, the newest one is Hotel Casiana, which is conveniently located along the major Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. You can’t miss it as the hotel’s rooftop sign is visible from afar. It just opened last December and according to the hotel’s management, it strictly practices and observes the health protocols mandated by the Tagaytay LGU, the IATF, and the Department of Tourism (DOT).

According to a statement from the hotel, here are the measures that it is implementing to ensure not only the safety of its guests but also its staff.

All guests have to answer an online contact tracing form before being allowed to enter the premises.

The standard health protocols are observed such as wearing face masks and face shields, enforcing of physical distancing, following age restrictions, checking of body temperature, and placing of alcohol dispensers at strategic common areas such as entrances to the lobby and elevators.

Upon entering Hotel Casiana, guests have to fill up a health declaration form for contact tracing. Online reservation is encouraged but for those who want to coordinate with the front desk, a plexiglass barrier ensures the guests’ utmost safety.

Physical social distancing is observed at the hotel – lobby, elevators, café, and restaurant. Sticker marking are placed on the floor, seats, and tables to guide and remind the hotel guests. The hotel staff is also in proper safety gear, all the time.

Common areas such as the lobby cafe is regularly sanitized.

Each room is guaranteed to be the safest there is. Each one has a commercial-type air purifying machine to ensure a germ, bacteria, and virus-free stay. All corners are sanitized – from bathrooms to beddings, curtains to closets. Furthermore, high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons are also sanitized.

For extra hygienic purposes, guests are provided with a care kit containing alcohol, face masks, and disinfecting wipes. In addition, a trash bin specifically for face masks is available.

Once guests check out, the room is sanitized by the hotel staff who are all in full PPE gear. They also use a deep cleaning steam machine to ensure the ultimate clean room.

Once guests check out, the room is sanitized by the hotel staff who are all in full PPE gear. They also use a deep cleaning steam machine to ensure the ultimate clean room.

During the colder days at Tagaytay, hotel guests will surely enjoy the benefit of Hotel Casiana’s heated pool. Health and safety protocols are also implemented for those who want to use the pool. Aside from physical distancing (reservation is required at the front desk to minimize interaction with other guests) and body temperature checks, clean sanitized towels are provided for guests.

So, this summer, if you want to experience a safe and worry-free staycation with your family, you don’t have to go far as Tagaytay is just an hour away once you enter the SLEX via CALAX.