Mo’ Cookies’ Choco Lava treats now come in DIY packs

Published March 8, 2021, 10:31 PM

by John Legaspi

Now you can have freshly baked cookies anytime

DIY Choco Lava Cookies pack (Photo from Instagram)

Among the many pick-me-up treats that are easy to eat and give ultimate comfort are chocolate chip cookies. You dunk them on milk or eat them on their own and they instantly whisk any stress you are having.

With many home baked brands online, having your serving of cookies can be done with a few clicks. But don’t you ever wish you could just have them the moment you crave for them. Not being gluttonous here, but there is just something about the experience of having a house perfumed with the scent of baking cookies right before you eat them. Yes, we’re combining indulgence and aromatherapy here. If you’re longing for that experience but don’t want the mess that comes from baking, then you’ll definitely love The Moment Group’s latest product.

Introducing the Mo’ Frozen Choco Lava Cookie Dough, the DIY cookie pack of Mo’ Cookies’ famous, gooey cookie variant. Each pack has six giant cookie dough balls you can bake in your kitchen. 

All you need to do is preheat the oven to 185°C, place the dough balls in the tray lined with parchment, bake until the edges are golden brown but still a touch soft in the center (18 to 21 minutes baking time), let them cool on the tray for five minutes, and transfer them to a wire rack until cool enough to eat. Easy, right?

The DIY cookie pack costs P930 and is available at the and other food delivery service apps. Get to know more about baking them at home here.