Korean actress Park Hye-soo exposes ex-friend claiming to be her bullying victim

Published March 8, 2021, 12:18 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

Korean actress Park Hye-soo (front) with Jaehyun of NCT and other cast members in a poster for the drama ‘Dear. M’ (KBS)

Korean actress Park Hye-soo turned the tables on her former friend and schoolmate who claimed to be bullied by the star in middle school and revealed that she was, in fact, the real victim of bullying.

Park Hye-soo, star of the Korean film “Samjin Company English Class,” has been accused of bullying several people that has resulted in the delay in the airing of her new drama “Dear. M” with NCT’s Jaehyun, which was originally scheduled to be released on Feb. 26.

“She [Park Hye-soo] made me come to a karaoke and three of them, including her, took turns slapping me… she later made her friend, who was a guy, hit me because her hands got tired. I got split lips, a nose bleed, and a bruised ear. My clothes were stained with blood,” one of the alleged victims claimed, according to the Korea Times.

The person also claimed that when her father called Park Hye-soo, she allegedly told him, “You should have done a better job raising your daughter.” Other people also accused her of hitting them.

In an Instagram post, Park Hye-soo said she went to the US as an exchange student in 2008 when she was in the second year of middle school and returned to Korea the following year. She said her family moved out of the original neighborhood and she transferred to another school and became a second year middle school student again starting in July 2009.

This was when scary things happened to her that she had never experienced before.

She said rumors began to spread quickly because she transferred to another school, she was a year older than her classmates and she went to the US to study.

These claims include that she went to the US for an abortion or that she never went to the US at all. She said she only told her cell phone number to two to three people but it was shared to many people that every morning when she woke up, she saw text messages containing curse words and sexual harassment.

“Bullying got worse and worse,” she said, saying that when she was eating in school, someone would flip her food tray resulting in getting the food on her school uniform. She would be hit in the hallway and someone would swear behind her back.

Park Hye-soo said the alleged victim was the one who flipped her tray and cursed at her when she first transferred schools. After that, she said, they became closer when they were in third grade of middle school. She added that during their time together and until this year, when they had no contact with each other, they thought that what they shared was childhood friendship.

“Now that the situation has come this far and it was inevitable for me to take this to the law, it hurts me to think how this turned out with someone who was once my friend,” she said.

She said that person’s friends went to her Instagram account made false comments and anonymous stories that are circulating on the Internet were screenshots from Instagram accounts. Stories with no identity or source are circulating on the Internet as if they were true, she added.

Amid all these accusations, Park Hye-soo said, “I will not be shaken by all these actions hoping that I will collapse and break, and I will reveal the truth no matter how many months it takes.”

She apologized to KBS, the TV channel for “Dear. M”, actors and the staff who are “suffering from the controversy because of me. I sincerely apologize to everyone.”