Chris Evans wants to visit PH soon, reveals smartest thing he has done so far

Published March 8, 2021, 6:56 PM

by Robert Requintina

Chris Evans

“Captain America” Chris Evans has said that he has heard so many great things about the Philippines as he hopes to visit the country soon!

Evans made the remark during a Zoom interview with the entertainment press on Monday, March 8, just few days after the Hollywood A-lister was introduced as the newest face of Smart Communications. The press event was hosted by Cathy Yang, FVP for Corporate Communications, Smart. Also in attendance were Alfredo S. Panlilio, President and CEO, Smart; Lloyd Manaloto, FVP for Corporate Marketing and Strategy, Smart; and Darwin Flores, VP for Community Partnerships, Smart.

“I’ve heard great things. Great beaches! I’ve heard that today, actually. I heard great food. Wonderful people. I mean every time I am in any sort of Asian territory it’s always hard to leave because it is incredibly welcoming and aesthetically beautiful so I am eager to visit,” said Evans.

Asked about the smartest thing he has ever done so far, Evans said: “The smartest thing I have ever done was adopt my dog Dodger.”

“I was filming a movie in Savannah, Georgia and we shot a scene at a shelter and he was there and I wasn’t planning on adopting a dog but I went for it and so far? Best decision I ever made,” he said.

On the dumbest thing, Evans laughed and answered: “The list is long uhm and the true answer I can’t probably tell yah (laughs). But let me give you a nice answer. Dumbest thing I ever done was I quit drum lessons when I was younger and I wish I stuck with that.”

Evans, 39, admitted that he’s not a big fan of social media applications.

“My favorite social media app? NOT a huge fan of social media apps in general. And I’m only on twitter and Instagram so if there are any fake … what are the other ones? Facebook? No I am not on Facebook although I think there’s a Facebook page for me although I have nothing to do with it. I mean I am new to Instagram and I suppose I use twitter the most uhm but it’s tough to say favorite. They all just make me just a little sad (smiles),” he said.

In 2019, Evans starred in “Avengers: Endgame” which is currently ranked as the biggest movie of all time. In December 2020, it was announced that he will voice Buzz LightYear in a new Pixar flick.

Asked if there’s still anything he wants to achieve, Evans said: “My appetite changes pretty quickly. Some days I wake up and I am curious about carpentry and as I said I would love to pick up drum classes again. I’d also like to do more writing and more traveling. So yeah there’s a lot of things. They are not necessarily professionally-related uhm it wouldn’t necessarily be about what I will do in my career but more about what I would explore in my downtime. My hobbies.”

Evans will headline the latest campaign of Smart Communications “Create A Better World.” On how to create a better world, the Hollywood hunk said: “Ahh well start by getting people to read more. Uhm and I suppose uhm slow down a little bit. I think that we kind of tend to (at least in America) the American stories just move quicker and quicker uhm and I think the ability to kind of slow down and take time with the little things whether it is brushing your teeth or cooking breakfast … just remember to be in yourself and be still every now and then. I think slowing down and being still will pay back in enormous ways.”

He also said that people can create a better world by reading more. “Read more. I think that it’s easy for us to think that all the issues we’re going through as a country and as a world really is somehow unique to this moment when the truth is when you read history you realize that a lot of these things tend to repeat. And you can get a lot of information to address not just what’s going on but it also opens up your understanding and compassion.”

So what made him say yes to Smart? Evans answered: “Well I’ve always liked the idea of working with a company in the Philippines. It’s a great part of the world and SMART felt like a very forward thinking company so it felt like a good fit.”

Evans also said he considers his 2001 flick “Not Another Teen Movie” as memorable saying he has seen it many times. “Probably ‘NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE’ because it was my FIRST movie and when it’s your first movie you have to go see it with multiple people like family and friends. It also plays on TV a decent amount so oddly enough probably that one.”