Samantha Bernardo joins Miss Grand Int’l challenges while on quarantine

Published March 7, 2021, 11:40 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Samantha Bernardo

It seems like Samantha Bernardo is firm on bringing home the first crown for the Philippines at the 2020 Miss Grand International.

The pageant’s first challenge is the “How To Know You in 1 Minute” challenge where delegates have to make a one-minute self-introduction video clip by using their mobile phone.

Among the criteria, the ladies should make it interesting and attractive. 

The special challenge will be put on popular vote and the Top 10 girls with the most ‘likes’ will have a chance to join the “self Thai costume dressing challenge.”

Then additional five candidates will be picked by the judges from “lucky draw” to join the challenge.

The pageant organization will be sharing each delegate’s video clip on Facebook and YouTube accounts.

To vote for your favorite contestant:
1) Facebook (1share = 1 vote) – Score will only be from ‘Sharing’ (Like will not be eligible for scoring).

2) YouTube (1 Like = 1 Score) Voter has to be Subscriber only by press subscribe on GrandTV channel before you press like. Otherwise your vote will be invalid.
You can Vote on 6/03/2021 (18.00 PM.) – 7/03/2021 (21.00 PM.)

Watch her performance here where she did Binasuan.

Then the second challenge, where Samantha was seen eating Thai food for two minutes.