Kris Aquino finally speaks up about rumors on two sons

Published March 7, 2021, 2:30 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

A mother will always protect and defend her children. Even Kris Aquino who has been receiving news after news about her two sons has had enough.

Today, she shared a lengthy album post on her Instagram account, “I am not blind, and I am not stupid… in a span of a week, my children have been used to trigger me. Kuya Josh with zero factual basis was said to have impregnated a girl. Bimb has been repeatedly targeted with bullying because people are insisting he is gay.”

She didn’t have to explain on behalf of her sons, but she did. For Kuya Josh, she tells the public to name and show the girl to them. For Bimb who is 13 years old, she knows her son hasn’t identified herself as gay. “But in the event he ever does, he will still be my son. The bullying you are doing is a reflection of your homophobic attitudes that are no longer welcome in 2021.”

With the on-and-off rumors going around that she was planning on running for a government position, these “attacks” on her children will most likely make her do so. “You picked the wrong children to harass and bully because this mother knows your motives,” she says.

The mom-of-two throws it back to her bashers,”Leave my children alone and I will remain a private citizen. Continue messing with them then you are pushing me in the direction you are so obviously afraid I will take. That yellow brick road is starting to look very inviting now.”