Senators mourn Bernas’ demise

Published March 6, 2021, 6:36 PM

by Mario Casayuran

Senators on Saturday grieved over the passing of Fr. Joaquin Bernas they described as ‘’an amazing patriot, constitutionalist, and man for others.’’

Fr. Joaquin Bernas (Photo from

” I was law lecturer for Ateneo’s Department of Management and part of the Ateneo academic community for seven years beginning 1993. By that time, Fr. Bernas had finished his term as ADMU president,’’ Senator Francis ‘’Kiko’’ Pangilinan said.

‘’But because of him and his fellow post-People Power Con-Com (Constitutional Commission) delegates, we have a Constitution that is pro-God, pro-Filipino, and pro-poor. We have a Constitution which specifies our duties as public servants, a Constitution by which we take our oath of office, a Constitution which we swear to preserve and defend. We have a Constitution that promises social justice for every Filipino family. His death reminds us the urgency of delivering on this promise,’’ he stressed.

‘’Thank you for your genius and generosity,’’ he added.

Senator Joel Villanueva said: ‘’While Fr. Joaquin Bernas’ passing brings sadness to the countless whose lives he touched, it also gives us the chance to celebrate his life.’’

‘’Fr. Bernas may be best remembered as one of the brilliant minds that crafted our present Constitution but he did more than just help a fledgling democracy stand on strong legal foundations,’ he emphasized.

‘’As mentor to many who dreamed of practicing law in a country beset by many cases of lawlessness, Fr. Bernas helped shape an army of men and women who saw the law not as a toy to be played with but as a tool to render justice,’’ he said.

‘’As a member of the clergy, Fr. Bernas shone light to guide the faithful to God’s shores,’’ he added.