EXCLUSIVE: Business 101 with Richard Juan

Published March 6, 2021, 12:11 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

At 28, Richard Juan has decided to finally try his hands doing business, hence, the birth of 28² Studios.

In an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, the young entrepreneur shared the story behind the company, which specializes in video production, digital PR, marketing, and social media management.

Note that aside from crafting scripts to providing video production work, they also produce social media content, press releases, and online campaigns.

“To be honest, I’ve been doing business on a smaller scale before. So entrepreneurship has always been part of me. And my family, growing up, has always groomed me to be a businessman kaya I’ve always been business-minded,” he said.

Richard decided to put up 28² Studios, meeting an old buddy who complemented his skills.

“‘Yung mga strengths ko, kulang niya. ‘Yung kulang ko, strength niya,” he related.

It’s all about “perfect timing,” he said. 

“I think, one of the real reasons why for the longest time I never really came up with or put up a company, and only right now at the age of 28, is because I was waiting for the right partner,” he said. “So just like love life, sometimes for business also, you need to have the right partners and the right timing.”

In fact, if he’s to give some business advice, Richard said: “You got to be patient with due diligence because you want to make sure that the people that you’re striking a deal with are people that are legitimate.”

“So I guess, you know, it’s just like love life. You gotta cross-check with your other friends whether or not this guy’s legit or not or this girl’s legit or not.”

He reiterated that the right business partner and the right clients will come as long as you’re patient and ready for those opportunities when they arise.

“Sometimes, when it comes to business, you don’t have to rush things. I know we live in a day and age when we want to do things fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, but sometimes it’s all about timing, also,” he pointed out.

Sometimes it’s about patience, building the right partners, and also due diligence.”