‘She Would Never Know’ stars discuss filming K-drama ahead of March 9 finale on iQiyi

Published March 5, 2021, 8:04 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

‘She Would Never Know’ stars Ro Woon (left) and Won Jin-ah (iQiyi)

K-drama “She Would Never Know,” an An iQiyi Original and Exclusive, will be wrapping up and ahead of its final episode on March 9 on iQ.com, its stars shared their personal experiences in filming the TV series. 

“She Would Never Know” stars  Won Jin-ah, K-pop boy band SF9’s Ro Woon, Lee Joo-bin and Lee Hyun-wook.

The drama tells the story of determined cosmetic brand marketer, Yoon Song-ah (played by Won Jin-ah), who dreams of starting her own make-up line one day. Her love for her job captured the interest of her colleague, Chae Hyun-seung (played by Ro Woon). But she is reluctant to date younger guys.

Won Jin-ah said to prepare for her role as make-up brand marketer, she watched videos and met professionals who are experts in the field. 

“As I was unfamiliar with the role, I sought a lot of help during the preparation. I found quite a few vlogs on YouTube that were made by beauty Youtubers and cosmetic brand marketers themselves. Also, thankfully, the production crew arranged a meeting for me with current cosmetic brand marketers,” she said. 

Asked to describe her character in the drama, she said, “I think Song Ah’s advantage is her ‘kindness’ that can neither be looked down on nor roughly treated. She is proud of her job, thinks and acts independently without going with the stream, and all this makes her very cool. Meanwhile, she tends to be infinitely clumsy and dull when it comes to personal issues with her family and romance.” 

She added, “What Song-ah and I have in common is that we are both ambitious of work and ambitious of doing it right. Song-ah even skipped work to be at ‘KLAR’ store, and so am I who likes to work nonstop.”

About her impression of Ro Woon and experience working with him, Won Jin-ah said, “I thought he might be a bright and healthy guy since he is very active in various areas. But during our working together, I was surprised by his solemnity and carefulness. He has an in-depth mindset and very open-minded.” 

“On the other hand, he also has a bit of ambition for being humorous, making jokes and getting funny around, thus creating a happy and lively shooting set. I felt a sense of responsibility as an actor from him. The chemistry degree should be graded by the audience, so I’d prefer to grade how happy it was working with Ro Woon, and it’s 100 points out of 100 points!” she added. 

When asked what is special about their love story compared to other dramas, she said, “With Song-Ah and Hyun Sung sharing their stories and wounds with each other, the simple senior-junior relationship at work between the two became equal as a romantic relationship. I find it very special. Also, I feel the support from the audience on them growing and developing by cultivating love and finding selves.”

“She Would Never Know” is Ro Woon’s second time to play a lead role after “Extraordinary You” in 2019. 

To prepare for his role as an office worker, he said, “At first, I was curious about the meaning of ‘growing up’ so I read a lot on philosophy and psychology, and consulted many people as well. Finally, I realized that people’s perspective might be different even though we live in the same world. In addition, I practiced phonation and pronunciation a lot to express my lines more accurately. I also read the script with a creative and innovative spirit.”

Is his character’s personality and way of dealing with love similar or different from his real self? Ro Woon said, “Actually, I don’t know how the real me will handle love. I don’t really know what kind of person I am as well. I just accept Hyun-seung’s love as what it is. The title is unique and has a sexy air. The character of Chae Hyun-seung is somewhat of a fantasy character so when I first heard the title I thought it was sexy.”

He described Won Jin-ah as a “good senior” actress, saying, “A lot of ideas happened to me while I was reading the script. When I expressed them during filming, I found that unnie Jin-ah is a very open and flexible actress. I believe that is what they call the best colleagues.” 

“As for Jin-ah, she’s very charismatic. When we’re on set, I’ve never worked in an office before, so I always have a lot of questions. Before we start shooting, we eat and talk , and she thinks about how we could express things better with me. She’s a good senior,” he added. 

Ro Woon said one of his favorite scenes in “She Would Never Know” is when “we chatted in the barbecue restaurant” in episode 3. 

His advice for people to look and feel good? “Love yourself. People imagine and think, making endless possibilities. Therefore, the most important thing is to love yourself,” he said. 

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