Kelvin Miranda becomes a victim of mistaken identity in ‘Wish Ko Lang!’

Published March 5, 2021, 7:00 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Kelvin Miranda and Mikee Quintos

What if after being away for a few years, you come home to your own burial?

Mistaken identity and love going against all odds–these are the elements in the uncanny yet funny episode of Wish Ko Lang! this Saturday (March 6), featuring The Lost Recipe stars Mikee Quintos and Kelvin Miranda.

Aries (Kelvin) and Krystal (Mikee) have finally found their true love with each other, but their families disapprove of their relationship because of land disputes. Choosing to fight for their love, the couple decided to elope and leave their families.

While on the run, Aries and Krystal encounter a group of people who want to burn their families’ lands. To keep themselves safe, they go under the radar, buying their time.

From left: Sue Prado, Mikee, Kelvin and Maureen Larrazabal

Years pass by. Little do the couple know that back home, everyone thinks they were already dead.

They are so shocked to come home to a burial for no other than Aries. The cadaver belongs to a beheaded man found near their house that resembles a lot like him.

Equally surprised are their families and friends who upon seeing Aries, think he is a ghost.

Mikee and Kelvin

In an interview with GMA News’ Lhar Santiago, Kelvin admits that Aries is a lot different from his character in his current series with Mikee. He shares that Aries is very expressive of his emotions, especially to the girl that he loves, unlike Chef Harvey in The Lost Recipe.

Adding drama, emotions, and fun to the episode are their co-actors in The Lost Recipe, Maureen Larrazabal and Sue Prado as the mothers of Aries and Krystal, respectively. Joining this episode as well are Miss Manila 2020 Alexandra Abdon and stand-up comedian Pepita Curtis.

Catch another new episode of Wish Ko Lang! hosted by Vicky Morales this Saturday, 4 pm on GMA Network.