Maxene Magalona finds peace in Bali

Published March 4, 2021, 1:16 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Maxene Magalona

Who would have thought that Maxene Magalona would find peace and live the life she wanted in the beautiful island of Bali, located in Indonesia.

Maxene marked her first year of staying on the island with a long Instagram post and a snap of herself while doing yoga.

A part of her post read: “It’s officially been a year since I first came to this magical island. A lot has happened since then and I can honestly say that my time here has contributed so much to my personal development and improved my overall well-being. I am forever changed.”

The “Doble Kara” star went on to summarize all the things that she learned, including realizations and some sharing on how she surpassed previous traumas and to defeat her inner demons.

Maxene and Robby

She ended the post with, “For those who are feeling lost, hopeless and alone. Know that you are NEVER alone. God’s got you. Keep going. Keep growing. Keep glowing.”

Maxene, 34, is currently staying in Bali with her husband Robby Mananquil. They celebrated their third wedding anniversary last Jan. 11.