WTFu (What the FU) by MR.FU: From the field to the skies

Published March 3, 2021, 7:14 AM

by Mr. Fu

Steve Dailisan

During his stint as reporter of GMA News, Steve Dailisan would always have this trademark in his extro spiels. He would put emphasis on his first name before ending his voiceover report. (yung parang may sampung letter e yung name nya. Steeeeeeeeeeve!) I would even joke about this on my radio show. (Na nalaman nya dahil nagtweet mga listeners!)

“What I learned from being in the field for more than a decade is to always maximize your senses and listen to your core when you are confronted with noises. This will enable you to focus on what’s important and not be distracted by other factors that could impair your judgment. When you are in the industry you also get to build contacts. Beyond the network, you should be able to establish strong relationships. This will come very handy in your future endeavors.” Steve shares. (Ako ata ibang relationships ang naachieve ko nung reporter ako!)

The journalism graduate from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines admits he misses the news industry. “More than the adrenaline rush that you get each time you cover stories that shape history, what I miss most about news reporting is the opportunity to deliver public service. I also miss my colleagues and everyone in the industry. I miss listening to people and telling their stories. They say being a journalist is a thankless job. However, a tiring day in the field is always compensated with fulfillment when you are presented with a chance to provide relevant, timely and accurate information in times of calamities, conflict and uncertainties.” (Parang naguilty ako. parang di ko naman namiss mga dati kong kasama. Chos!)

But he enjoys his life now in the airline industry which all started three years ago when he decided to become a pilot. (Iba rin! Pilot lang naman ha!) 

“Ever since I was a kid, I get ‘kilig’ when we travel by plane. It did not fade even when I was a reporter. In fact, I would often collect diecast planes and watch air crash investigation documentaries. In 2018, I took the leap of faith. I filed an early retirement and used my savings to enroll in a flight training school. It took me 17 months to complete the necessary requirements and acquire my Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating and Airbus A320 rating. Immediately after, I applied and was hired as First Officer for Cebu Pacific” Steve narrates. (Parang sayo ako kinikilig bro!)

Unfortunately, the pandemic affected his job. A number of pilots had to be let go and he was one of them, being the most junior. 

“At present, I am still maintaining my licenses as an Airbus 320 Pilot. Hopefully, when things get better in the travel and tourism industry, me and my colleagues will be able to return to the cockpit and fly you safely to your intended destination. “ Steve says (dahil dyan sakay mo ko bro! at parang gusto ko rin sa cockpit ha!) 

He just feels blessed that Air Asia Philippines recently appointed him to be its Spokesperson and Head of Communications and Public Affairs. (Bigatin talaga si Steeeeeeeve!)

“In my present job, I was able to marry my love for aviation and my passion to deliver public service by way of providing our guests with adequate and simplified technical information that will prepare them for a safe journey. “(I feel safe with you bro!)

Steve is optimistic that things will get better soon. “We see COVID as a temporary delay on our future plans for growth and a sustainable and viable future. We remain confident that tourism and travel will bounce back and that we can reap the benefits to grow again in the years to come. We can’t wait to paint the skies red again soon, both domestically and internationally as soon as travel restrictions allow and international borders reopen. (Basta I will fly with you bro!)

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