Wear your ‘Star Wars’ villain favorites in this new bag collection

Published March 3, 2021, 2:42 PM

by John Legaspi

‘Join the dark side.’

Darth Vader-inspired bags

For its latest offering, Canadian bag brand Herschel is offering a dark galactic spin on its beloved products as it launches a collection inspired by the movie “Star Wars” and its prime antagonists.

It is quite new for any brand to celebrate the villains of an iconic movie franchise. But in the case of “Star Wars,” particularly “The Empire Strikes Back” (also known as the “Episode 5”), it is just hard not to get inspired with the artistry that went to the villains’ design.

“We wanted to work with the dark side and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ right out of the gate—the villains are some of our favorite characters from the Star Wars galaxy,” Jon Warren, Herschel’s VP of product design, tells Star Wars.com. “As designers, we see their uniforms as an extension of their story, so we decided to build designs off of what the characters wear and their equipment. We put in a lot of thought into this one. We’re product geeks and knew we had to [deliver] for the fans.”

The Stormtrooper line

The collection features bags with designs inspired by the white legion of stormtroopers, the bounty hunter Boba Fett, and of course, the ultimate baddie, Darth Vader. From the bags’ gears down to the linings, these items pay homage to the infamous villains, fans of the movie will surely be impressed by the amount of attention to detail that has been poured into the collection.

All-camo Boba Fett pieces

“When you think of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the stormtroopers, you immediately envision the distinctive gear they wear, which was a perfect jumping off point for the collection,” Jon says. “When we began designing the line, we imagined what each character might use if they carried Herschel and pulled specific styles from our product range for each of them, so every set of bags is completely unique.”

“A lot of us at Herschel are huge ‘Star Wars’ fans,” he continues. “As kids, we would obsess over all of the different movie details, play with the action figures, and role-play these iconic characters so we had a lifetime of imagination to work off of.”

Check out the full collection at Herschel.ph.