Ellen Adarna makes clear she doesn’t need advice on son, love life

Published March 3, 2021, 5:07 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

If you’re thinking of sharing with Ellen Adarna your thoughts on how best to raise her son, think again.

A netizen learned this the hard way, with the actress admonishing her for even attempting to offer some unsolicited advice.

Apparently, the netizen was “offended” by the recent post of Ellen’s new boyfriend, Derek Ramsay, which showed him playing with Elias Modesto, Ellen’s son with former bae, John Lloyd Cruz.

According to the fan, Derek’s post is “so wrong in so many levels.”

The netizen asked, “What you do with your lover/partner is your business but must you really post it for everyone to see?”

“I was once a single mom myself so I know what Elena is going through but I never disrespected the father of my child. No matter what happened between us, I could never do that,” she continued. 

The online user expressed how she can’t even begin to understand why the new couple had to share such intimate moment when Ellen and John Lloyd once “loved” each other.

“And as for you Derek, whom I once idolized and respected, I am very disappointed in you. You are a man yourself, and was hurt a few times, how do you think JLC feels when he sees this with his son in it. I am completely and utterly disgusted. What exactly are you guys telling people? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. People already know you two are together. Isn’t that enough?”

Ellen was quick to school the nosy browser.

“So everyone need to adopt your values and beliefs just because you think it’s right? Because you think it’s disgusting? Have an open mind and open heart (heart emoji),” she told the latter. 

According to her, it is what the world needs, and not her “unsolicited advice.”

“And let’s say I listen to you, what would it do for you? Believe what you want, just don’t impose them on others,” she added.