6.3-magnitude earthquake hits central Greece

Published March 3, 2021, 9:27 PM

by Agence-France-Presse

A strong 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit central Greece on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said, prompting residents in the city of Larissa to rush into the streets according to local media.

The Institute of Geodynamics in Athens said the quake, which could be felt across central and northern Greece, had measured at a magnitude of 6.0. 

According to the Athens observatory, the epicentre of the quake was 21 kilometres (13 miles) south of the town of Elassona, near Larissa.

There were at least three aftershocks following the main tremor — including one at magnitude 4.0 — and authorities warned there could be more. 

“The depth of the earthquake was 10 meters, therefore there will be significant aftershocks,” seismologist Gerassimos Papadopoulos said on Skai radio. 

The Civil Protection agency also reported landslides had occurred in the region, and authorities were assessing for further damage. 

Greece is located on a number of fault lines, and is sporadically hit by earthquakes. 

But the quakes often happen at sea and do not often kill people or cause extensive damage. 

The last fatal earthquake was in October, when a magnitude 7.0 hit in the Aegean Sea between the Greek island of Samos and the city of Izmir in western Turkey. 

The majority of damage was in Turkey where 114 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured. 

In Greece, two teenagers were reported dead on the island of Samos.